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Trust – The Final Aspect of RAPPORT

For the last several blogs, we dove into each aspect of RAPPORT (Relationship, Awareness, Perception, Purpose, Opportunity, Respect, Trust). Each aspect of RAPPORT is important in establishing a doctor-patient relationship and developing a referral-based chiropractic practice. In this blog, I will give an in-depth analysis into the three pillars of trust a patient and doctor must establish.

The Doctor

The first pillar of trust may seem obvious – the doctor. Your patient is coming to you and trusting you will help alleviate the pain or discomfort they are feeling. You can assume they have already done their homework on you, perusing your practice website, asking patients or their primary care doctor about you, so when the time comes for them to receive treatment from you, they anticipate that their expectations will be met. Live up to your title and ensure your patient of your credibility. Answer any questions they have thoughtfully and thoroughly, consider all of their lifestyle habits and symptoms when diagnosing them. The credibility you establish with your patient upon your first encounter is important, and in doing so they are more likely to return to you for treatment.

The Treatment/Adjustment Type

Just like it is crucial to trust in a doctor and his/her credibility, a patient having trust in the treatment a chiropractor is performing is equally important. Remember, this may not be your patient’s first go-around with chiropractic care. What makes you different? Be transparent with your patient on why you are choosing a particular adjustment type. Explain to them the process and how it benefits their overall care. Chiropractors, look at the long-term health of the patient and demonstrate that the chosen treatment is the right one, by doing so you meet the second pillar of trust. 

Their Bodies’ Ability to Heal

Many patients just accept that their health is what it is. For example, if a patient’s family has a history of back problems, they might assume that is bound to happen to them. While family history comes into play, the human body is an amazing structure. Your body has an innate ability to heal – you are more capable of improving your health than you think! The third pillar of trust is about trusting in yourself. It also calls upon the chiropractor to encourage their patient to dedicate themselves to the treatment and believe that they can get better.

Trust is so important to the doctor-patient relationship. If you do not establish the pillars of trust with your patient, they will leave your office and you will always wonder why. If this sounds like an area of your practice you can improve upon, reach out to me. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how my chiropractic coaching services can help grow your business. Contact us at (831) 899-5900.

March 14, 2019

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