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It’s Your Opportunity

You have worked so hard to attain your chiropractic degree and have gone through all of the required course work, national boards and state exams to become a Doctor of Chiropractic not to mention the large amounts of student loans you have accumulated. After years of struggle and accomplishments, now you have you own practice and are finally able to help people improve their health. Is this your mindset when it comes to running your practice? It should be. When it comes to RAPPORT, the ‘O’ stands for opportunity. In this blog, I will explain what it means for doctors to realize their opportunities and discuss how this impacts patients. 

The Doctor’s Opportunity

When you put so many years of effort into achieving something, it is important to take it seriously. For chiropractors, this means providing optimal care for patients looking to better their lives and relieve pain and discomfort. For example, think of a new patient who has never been treated by a chiropractor and is uncertain of how you can help. Treat them like an open book – use what you’ve learned from years of experience to walk them through the process. Thoroughly explain your treatment plan and give them the assurance they need that your care is going to be what is best for them. Afterall, this is your opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, so take it seriously.

The Patient’s Opportunity

As I have previously stated, new patients may not know what to expect upon visiting a D.C., however, others may have a very good idea of what they are looking for in a treatment plan. In both cases, the patient has an opportunity. Knowing that they are coming to you for one reason or another, it is your job as a chiropractor to help them understand the opportunity at hand. When the patient leaves your office, they need to have a clear understanding about how you can help them. Give details here! One way you can help achieve this is by having them fill out a goal sheet as it pertains to their health. Have them grade themselves and tell you what they believe they need to do to be at optimal health. This is their opportunity to attain health in your office, and your office is the solution to their issues.

If this blog resonates with you, or if you are having trouble getting your patients to actually listen to your treatment plan, I want to know about it. In8Coach works with chiropractors to help implement communication strategies that will create lifelong patients. We will come into your practice an do a full analysis, and schedule one-on-one sessions providing tactics to help achieve the chiropractic practice of your dreams. For more information, visit or call me at (831) 899-5900.

January 17, 2019

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