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Perception Matters

We are halfway through our discussion of RAPPORT. We’ve gone through each element of the acronym and now turn our attention to the second ‘P’, perception. How D.C.’s and patients perceive each other will make a world of difference in a chiropractor’s ability to deliver effective care. How does perceiving your patients’ needs affect the way you treat them? I will break it all down and I encourage those reading this to reach out and ask any questions about these strategies.

In your chiropractic practice, having perception means you have developed the skills of perceiving what your patients are truly saying and are able to look for clues as to why they are struggling. In other words, your patient may not know! You cannot assume your patients know the factors that could be causing them pain or discomfort. That is why it is up to you as the chiropractor to ask the right questions. Be intuitive – delve into their lives and try to decipher what the contributing factors could be. For example, is your patient on their feet or at a desk hunching over at work? How does their occupation factor into their symptoms? These are the type of questions you need to be asking.

This process is called the Socratic Method. It is a used to encourage dialogue between two individuals, based on asking and answering questions in order to stimulate critical thinking. As a doctor, you are trying to draw out ideas and underlying reasons for pain and discomfort. Essentially, you are taking your patient through a discovering process so they tell you the answers to their health needs.

However, if the patient does not tell you, they still need your care. This process of dialogue with your patient needs to start from the moment you meet them. Help your patients understand that your best interests are seeing them meet their health goals. By asking them questions about their life, you are demonstrating that you care and want to understand how you can best help them. I have said this before and I will say it again – the ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in building the practice of your dreams. Understanding and applying perception as an element of RAPPORT will help you treat your patients and ensure that they become a life-long patient.

Are your patients having trouble following your care? Reach out to me and get to know me. I would love to help you achieve the practice of your dreams by improving communication with your patients. Give me a call today to understand how In8Coach can help your chiropractic practice. Call me at (831) 899-5900.

December 18, 2018

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